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  1. If you are very serious about your business and online presence, you will not Want to neglect the Power of social media. GROWING YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE LIKE AND FOLLOWERS is one among the best ways to reach out to potential And impending customers.
    Like I Said in My Post on How to get more views and actions to your online content – Facebook Pages are one of the major source of traffic for online entrepreneurs. There are more benefits promoting contents on Facebook pages than there is in promoting on Facebook groups… This is because, You can share as many posts as you wish to your Facebook pages daily but it is not the same in Facebook groups as there are limits to the number of posts that can be shared on Facebook.
    So, the question here is – “How can I grow my Facebook page likes and followers?”

Below are some of the tricks that I have used in promoting most of my facebook pages like, True love Dates and Jamb News and many other Pages and these tricks are still working wonders.
1. Arrange your posts and Links in a very responsive manner and share to your Facebook pages and re-post from your Page to groups. This is a 2-way traffic target as it sends traffic to your website contents and also promotes your Page.
Note: Uploading Images directly to your Facebook pages works well than the auto generated thumbnail from your links…

2. Sponsored Posts: This means paying Facebook to promote your page and boost page actions… Its Fast, Its easy and not very expensive… And the results are always very welcoming…

3. Inviting Friends to like your Page
4. Giving Promotional offers to most active members of your pages… This will encourage them to invite their friends. “I mean- Who doesn’t like free things #lol… I do!”

5. Post interesting and related contents regularly. This is important because almost everyone online is here looking for something and when they notice your page is inactive even for a little while – ‘maybe a few days, then don’t get upset when you see your page likes counting downwards. I’ve experienced it and I hope you will avoid it.

Now, Over to you, what other ways have you used to grow your Facebook Page likes and Followers and which of the steps mentioned above would you encourage those looking forward to grow their page likes to focus more on?
Looking forward to your comments!

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